How do we meet up with our Homer’s Odysseys Tour Guide?

This depends on the type of tour that you choose. If it is a walking tour of London for example, we would meet you at a suitable place e.g a Tube station or outside a museum or other accessible landmark.

If you are on a driving tour, Nigel would arrange to pick you up from your accommodation or meet you at or near a conveniently situated Tube station. We would also aim to take you back to your accommodation at the end of the tour or drop you off at a convenient Tube station.

How much walking is involved in your Tours?

All the tours do involve walking on gradients and steps but we do aim to minimise these as much as possible.

The driving tours outside London will involve some walking around the places of interest and towns and the amount of miles or kilometres that you want to cover is largely up to you.

What is included in the cost of the Tour?

The cost of the tour includes the services of the tour guide during the day and, if you are on a driving tour, the travel costs are included. It does not include entrance fees for museums, galleries, palaces or the cost of tickets to any events. For many sites, tickets can be purchased in advance. The two and three day tours do not include the cost of accommodation. Nigel will help you find accommodation within your particular budget. The cost also does not include refreshments en route or breakfasts, lunches or evening meals, however  Nigel will recommend a range of places to eat or drink on the way.

How flexible are the Tour schedules?

This depends very much on the needs of the group. The advertised tours are suggested itineraries which have worked in the past but they are definitely not fixed and we can modify the schedule according to the individual or group. If you would like to see a particular place en route or in the general vicinity, let us know, ideally in advance, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

How do I book a Tour?

That’s easy. Simply call Nigel on the number below or email the address below and we can take it from there!

+44 (0)7802 786868 info@homersodysseys.co.uk